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First-of-Its-Kind Satellite Launches to Track Earth's Weather Like Never Before

The first in a series of four advanced polar-orbiting satellites launched to space on its third try early Saturday Nov. 18 , turning its watchful eye... - - 21 hours ago

Please stop annoying this NASA scientist with your ridiculous Planet X doomsday theories

David Morrison is a real NASA scientist who studies real planets and makes real discoveries about the real universe. Unfortunately for him, Morrison& ... - Washington Post - 13 hours ago

Stunning proof that moon landing was faked: claim

However, there are plenty of other explanations for the photo, and experts are likely to dismiss it as yet another failed attempt at proving a conspir... - Morning Ticker - 9 hours ago

Was It a Good Idea to Beam Our Best Techno to an Alien World?

In the year 2030, a powerful radio transmission originating from Earth will arrive at a potentially habitable exoplanet located approximately 12.4 lig... - Gizmodo - 2 days ago

SpaceX studying Falcon rocket nose cones before proceeding with KSC launch

NASA engineers were stunned: For the second time in two years, a high-value Earth science mission had been lost to a launch failure. And what doomed t... - Florida Today - a day ago

New NASA tool can tell you which glacier may flood your city as the planet warms

CNN Sea level rise is one of the most recognizable consequences of climate change and is likely to be one of the most destructive as well. Projecting... - CNN - 2 days ago

Several fans went to a sellout Flat Earth International Conference

The yearly occasion is held by a group who rejects the possibility of a heliocentric globe-earth demonstrates for a flat, stationary Earth. FEIC sai... - Gears Of Biz - 12 hours ago

New study shows why Passenger pigeons disappeared so quickly

A new study shared this Friday further hints on why passenger pigeons — once the most abundant bird species in all North America — disappeared so sudd... - Pulse Headlines - 11 hours ago

Leonids 2017 Meteor Shower Peak Weekend In Rhode Island

The Leonids meteor shower, which peaks Nov. 17-18, has produced some of the greatest meteor storms in history and is capable of producing thousands of... - - 16 hours ago

Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory Will Stay Open, Despite Funding Concerns

Two months since Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, most of the island is still recovering from the disaster — including the Arecibo Observ... - - a day ago

Global Warming: New York, Miami, And Oakland Among 670 US Cities At Risk As The Ice Melts

It was reported earlier this week that climate change scientists have announced that global carbon emissions are rising after showing signs of levelin... - The Inquisitr - 17 hours ago

NASA Solves Mystery Of Eerie Whistling Sound In Space

A team of researchers from NASA has solved the puzzle of the whistler mode chorus. The phenomenon produces an eerie whistling noise in space. Tony P... - Tech Times - a day ago

An Earth-sized world 11 light-years from home may be our next best shot to find alien life

Eleven light-years away, an Earth-sized world orbits a cool, red star, and it may be just right for life. The planet, known as Ross 128b, completes an... - AOL - 13 hours ago

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malcolm young

AC/DC co-founder and guitarist malcolm young

AC/DC co-founder and guitarist malcolm young   AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young dead at 64 It is with deepest sorrow that we

You Shook Me All Night Long malcolm young You Shook Me All Night Long - Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment You Shook Me...

RollingStone RollingStone - Malcolm Young, guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC, has died at the age of 64

OzzyOsbourne malcolm young OzzyOsbourne OzzyOsbourne - So sad to learn of the passing of yet another friend, Malcolm Young. He will be sadly miss

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charles manson

Charles Manson's condition rem charles manson

josh rosen

Josh Rosen shines, but the Bru josh rosen

Josh Rosen shines, but the Bru josh rosen   Josh Rosen shines, but the Bruins fall to Sam Darnold and the Trojans It was late in the

Highlights: No. 11 USC footbal josh rosen Highlights: No. 11 USC football defeats crosstown rival UCLA to clinch Pac - Highlights fr...

BarrettSallee BarrettSallee - NFL scouts will tell you for the next six months that Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are bette

espn espn - Josh Rosen is dealing and the Bruins are rallying. Catch the 4th quarter of UCLA-USC on A

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Giants GM Jerry Reese getting  rosen

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AC/DC co-founder and guitarist malcolm young

malcolm young

AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young dead at 64

Charles Manson's condition rem charles manson

charles manson

Charles Manson's condition remains a mystery, but officials say he is ...

Josh Rosen shines, but the Bru josh rosen

josh rosen

Josh Rosen shines, but the Bruins fall to Sam Darnold and the Trojans


jorge delhon

Sad news After Alejandro Burzaco testified he paid...

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Malcolm Young, AC/DC malcolm young malcolm young

Malcolm Young, AC/DC...