Article : Today in History, November, 12, 2017

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Today in History, November, 12, 2017

Today in History, November, 12

Retired MLB All-Star Sammy Sosa is 49. Actress Rebecca Wisocky is 46. Actress Radha Mitchell is 44. Actress Lourdes Benedicto is 43. Actress Tamala Jones is 43. Actress Angela Watson is 43. Singer Tevin Campbell is 41. Actress Ashley Williams is 39. - Progress Index - 10 days ago View More

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desusandmero desusandmero

Sammy Sosa looking like a Dominican vampire in London. - 4 days ago View More

MrChuckD MrChuckD

I️ don’t know where my man Sammy Sosa is buying that stuff but my question is he now buying a tan in DR too? - 4 days ago View More


Do you agree? - 4 days ago View More


T.I. Says Sammy Sosa's Alleged Skin Bleaching Is 'Self-Hate' - 9 days ago View More


T.I. thinks self-hate drives Sammy Sosa to bleach his skin - 8 days ago View More

HighHeatStats HighHeatStats

Most HR while playing the given position, since 1974: C: Mike Piazza 396 1B: Mark McGwire 566 2B: Jeff Kent 351 3B… - 6 days ago View More

VibeMagazine VibeMagazine VibeMagazine

T.I. calls Sammy Sosa's alleged skin-bleaching "self-hate" - 9 days ago View More

Cavsanada Cavsanada

Wasn't enough for Boston to claim Arthur, they had to Sammy Sosa him too smh. - 8 days ago View More


See the original photo that sparked controversy - 7 days ago View More


T.I. can't do nothin' but shake his head at this - 8 days ago View More

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