Article : Russia Takes a Step Toward the Post-Putin Era

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Russia Takes a Step Toward the Post-Putin Era

Russia Takes a Step Toward the

And, deservedly or not, Russia has been established in the Western elite& s mind as a hacking superpower, a different kind of tech force than the U.S. with its commercial internet behemoths. It& s a reputation Putin is looking to strengthen by embracing ... - Bloomberg - 6 days ago View More

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NatashaBertrand NatashaBertrand NatashaBertrand

Boom. AP reports that the Russia-linked hacker Guccifer 2.0 edited leaked documents. - a month ago View More

chrislhayes chrislhayes

Again, if you think what Russia did had no impact, you should publish your entire inbox to the internet & see if it changes your life. - a month ago View More

selectedwisdom selectedwisdom

Yes - Russia modifies real documents. If the kompromat doesn’t support the Kremlin narrative, they just change the… - a month ago View More

elizabethforma elizabethforma

The DNC shouldn't play favorites. But that's a whole lot different from illegally conspiring with Russia. The FBI knows the difference. - a month ago View More

larryelder larryelder

So, Hillary colluded with the DNC to steal the nomination and then colluded with Russia to try to win--and it's TRUMP who gets investigated? - a month ago View More

KeithOlbermann KeithOlbermann

Stop the euphemisms. @RealDonaldTrump is involved in a treasonous CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY with Russia to sabotage our e… - a month ago View More

funder funder

RT if u agree Congress should protect Mueller from being fired-help stop GOP efforts to kill Mueller’s probe below - a month ago View More

ericgarland ericgarland

BREAKING: Detailed report on how Russia hacked Democrats' emails and *altered their contents.* - a month ago View More

Billbrowder Billbrowder

BREAKING: Canada sanctions 52 individuals from Russia, South Sudan & Venezuela on the basis of new Magnitsky Act - a month ago View More

mitchellvii mitchellvii

Rep. DeSantis: 'We Know Now Without a Shadow of a Doubt' Hillary and Democrats Colluded with Russia - Breitbart - a month ago View More

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